About Us


ELEMENTUM: Naturally Attractive.

Elementum — from the Latin word for “element” — looks to the earth for both design inspiration and materials.

Our designs are realized by fashioning only the purest metals and finishes into our jewelry, with high-end materials like stainless steel, 18 karat gold plating, and natural samarium cobalt magnets. For every creation, we carefully choose each element.

The Elementum team has curated a beautiful selection of magnetic bracelets inspired by our environment and the materials that are used. We believe that our products are a reflection of our core values: positive energy, contribution, and design.

At Elementum, we have over 15 years experience in manufacturing and marketing magnetic bracelets for some of the industry's leading brands. Over that time we have put magnetic bracelets on people of all walks of life from professional athletes looking for an edge, to everyday people seeking a bit of joint pain relief.  

Our clients have experienced benefits from joint pain relief to improvement in their general health and well being: proving to us that magnetic bracelets work. 

Magnetic bracelets have been known to benefit your well-being and an active lifestyle by enhancing balance and positive energy. Please note that magnetic bracelets are unproven remedies and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary.