Why Magnets?


Why use magnets in our bracelets?

    The team at Elementum has been marketing magnetic bracelets since the year 2001. In that time we have had tens of thousands of clients ranging from professional athletes looking for an edge to everyday people looking for some pain relief.

    Their positive experiences and testimonials prove to us that magnetic bracelets can have a positive impact.

    In early 2015 we set on a path to not just sell magnetic bracelets but to make beautiful jewelry combined with the power and benefits of magnets. The initial Elemenum line is the realization of this process and we are excited to bring you even more exciting new pieces over the coming months and years.

    Why are magnets effective in bracelets?

      Ancient Chinese medicine has been using magnets as a form of treating ailments and illnesses as far back as 200 BC. Magnetic therapy has evolved today into a wide variety of products as people all around the world are adopting eastern alternative treatments. Magnetic bracelets being worn by people of all walks of life all over the world.

      The primary theory as to how magnetic bracelets work is to improve blood flow / circulation in underlying tissues. When worn around the wrist close to the circulatory system, it is said to improve circulation which may assist to relieve joint pain, which is why magnetic bracelets are so popular. 

      Elementum bracelets are not designed to diagnose, treat, or cure any ailments or disease. Please continue with regular medical care. Please consult your doctor prior to wearing a magnetic bracelet. Do not wear a magnetic bracelet if you have a pacemaker or if you are pregnant.

      How strong are the magnets in Elementum bracelets?

      All of the magnets in Elementum bracelets are rated at 3000 gauss, these are the strongest magnets we could embed into our jewelry. We chose this amount of strength because we wanted to be able to create the most effective and beautiful piece of jewelry that you will ever own.

      What is the theory behind how magnets work?

      Magnetic therapy has long been believed to have healing powers associated with pain and stiffness.

      There are two theories that are used to explain magnetic therapy. One theory maintains that magnets produce a slight electrical current. When magnets are applied to a painful area of the body, the nerves in that area are stimulated, thus releasing the body's natural painkillers.

      The other theory maintains that when magnets are applied to a painful area of the body, all the cells in that area react to increase blood circulation, ion exchange, and oxygen flow to the area. Magnetic fields attract and repel charged particles in the bloodstream, increasing blood flow and producing heat. Increased oxygen in the tissues and bloodstream is thought to make a considerable difference in the speed of healing.

      Since the late 1950s, hundreds of studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of magnetic therapy. In 1997, a group of physicians at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas studied the use of magnetic therapy in 50 patients who had developed polio earlier in life. These patients had muscle and joint pain that standard treatments failed to manage. In this study, 29 of the patients wore a magnet taped over a trouble spot, and 21 others wore a nonmagnetic device. Neither the researchers nor the patients were told which treatment they were receiving. This study resulted in 75% of those using the magnetic therapy reported feeling much better.*

      Magnetic therapy is becoming more and more widely accepted as an alternative method of pain relief.

      The Elementum Jewelry Company is glad to provide quality products to aid people with relieving their aches and pains.